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27 October 1977
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I'm married (9/22/04), and I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. I'm also working on losing weight through diet and exercise. I'm currently using the glycemic index, after being diagnosed as insulin resistant, and am gluten-intolerant. I'm currently working at AlphaGraphics as a DocuTech operator and not trying to conceive. I'm taking lovastatin, prilosec, a b complex and a daily multivitamin. I was taking metformin, but it screwed me up, so I stopped. I am gluten-free as of winter 2007.

I am a baptized Jehovah's Witness as of 9/23/07.

I also seem to have massive mood swings, going from cranky and bitchy to hyper and bouncy at the blink of an eye. I may make seven posts in a day, three "I hate my life," three "Wow! I can't believe that!" and one "Meh."

My moodtheme is Nick and Sara from CSI, and was made by aprileightysix