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27 March 2015 @ 09:43 am
I love stats  
I do.  I really do.  I love stat counters, finding out where my visitors are coming from, what they're looking at, how they're looking at it, how they found me, etc.  elodieunderglass on Tumblr had a great post about "silent visitors" on her blog, and I used to be like that with my stats, even way back when in the dawn of my internet usage, having statcounters on my aaaaaancient Geocities fanfic site.  I love knowing what's getting traffic, where the traffic is coming from, everything.

That's kind of why I love that Etsy has built-in stats management.  It makes sense; if you're running a shop, you need to know what products are getting attention, what products aren't getting attention, where your attention is coming from, and where it isn't coming from, so you know how to adjust your marketing strategies and product offerings.

When copperbadge featured my shop and GoFundMe campagain on his Radio Free Monday in early February, I saw an immediate spike of shop visitors.  I went from zero orders in January to 17 orders in February, and now back down to 7 orders this month.  I still get an occasional site visit from his blog, and I did get a repeat order from someone who purchased because of Radio Free Monday.

When I post a listing on Twitter, I get a little spike in views.  When I post a listing on Facebook, I get "likes" and shares from my friends, but no visits to the shop.  When I post a listing on Tumblr, I get a couple of reblogs and likes, and an occasional secondary shop view.

I also love checking the map.  For a while, I was getting at least one visit daily from France.  Was that just one person, someone who checked the shop every day to see if there was something worth justifying the international shipping?  In the last 7 days, I've had visits from Malaysia, Russia, Iceland, and the U.K.  My first order ever was from Norway (and she even reordered later!).  I've had an order from Australia, and recently one from Malaysia.

I just love seeing the search terms that bring people to my shop.  Things like "lily of the valley soap," "cherry lip balm," and "sailor zeo" are expected.  Two people found my shop by searching "shiver."  One of my soap scents is "Shiver My Timbers," a bergamot, bay rum, lime, vanilla, mahogany and amber blend.  "LOTRO" and "second breakfast" are in the search terms because I made lip balms and a soap for Matt's LOTRO kin.

I just find all this fascinating.